Let's turn a task into a solution... 

With each design, there is a story of how it came to be. Our process consists of several steps to ensure that we arrive at the right solution for each client. Each journey is a little different but here is the framework we follow to get the best results. 

1. Create A Brief

We work together in order to answer questions like these:

  • What format do you need?

  • What are the finished dimensions?

  • Are there colors or typefaces that need to be used?

  • What types of styles do you like? What adjectives would you use to describe how it should look? 

Watch your email for the questionnaire.

4. Digital Sketch

We head to the computer and get to work. This step is where we add in the details and create rough digital mockups for approval. 

 We start with black and white drafts to ensure layout and functionality. We will present the top three to you to choose and critique. 

2. Research

We will use a variety of images along with your questionnaire answers to create an inspiration board for us to refer to during the project. 

5. Add The Color

Once you select the digital sketch, we edify and perfect the design. We add color and effects to make it unique and accurate to your ideas. 

3. Sketch

During this phase, we will sketch a variety of versions. This is to allow the creative process to help the idea to take form. We use both word sketches (lists) and image sketches to explore all possible options. 

6. Finalize

Once you have signed off on the final version. We will save, export, and send you the materials you need to successfully share your ideas with the world. 

 Feel free to look through my gallery and see the tranformation from task to solution. 

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