It's going to be grand!

Brief: Create an event poster for the opening of a space museum that will grab people's attention as they walk by.


Task Challenges: 

  1. Use only Microsoft Word to design the poster.

  2. One photo option was given and it had to be used somewhere on the poster. 


Microsoft Word has a lot of built-in formatting which often can make designing a challenge. However, through the use of text boxes and an image-filled shape, we were able to create this eye-catching poster. The lack of photo choice meant that instead of doing an array of smaller photos, we needed to have one big photo presented in a way that was interesting without competing with the text. We used hierarchy with the text sizes to guide the viewer through the experience. The curved edges of the photo create a circular pattern that encourages the viewer's eyes to rotate through the text points. 

Medium: Microsoft Word

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